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Submit your own recipe with Jongga Kimchi

from Sep 21st to 25th, 2022


Do you love cooking with Kimchi?

Are you an undiscovered Kimchi Creative?


Don't miss a chance to attend the Grand Final in London at the world famous Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School on October 12th 2022


Enjoy Kimchi like a Korean

Korean food is renowned for being full of different flavours and spices with meals.


Grilled Kimchi

With Korean BBQ


Kimchi Seafood Pancake

On a Rainy Day


Kimchi Fried Rice

With Cheeeeeese


Kimchi Cold Noodle

In Summer


Low calorie Superfood

Koreans have enjoyed Kimchi for over 1000 years, and for good reason! It’s a Low calorie Superfood that is densely packed full of essential vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and good bacterias.

Harmony of Tastes,
Seasons & Regions

This harmonious and versatile dish combines 5 key Korean flavours: Sour, Bitter, salty, sweet and spicy and reflects the different tastes, seasons and regions of the country. 


Taste the History

from 37BC!

History shows us that Kimchi has been enjoyed since as early as 37BC and was originally a way for ancient Koreans to eat fresh and nutritious vegetables during the coldest days of winter with each region of the country developing their own unique take on this Korean classic. 

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